About Gold Loan

A Gold Loan also referred to as a loan against gold, is a secured loan that the customer borrows from a lender against gold jewelry or any material made of gold. You can avail for a gold loan online by submitting the required documents here. This type of loan is sanctioned to you by any bank or any financial institution. Using a gold loan, you can buy gold jewelry for marriage or any other function. It is easy to apply for a gold loan online and we can provide you with affordable interest rates.

Whatever your financial or personal needs are, FINTAKE offers you the online gold loan instantly within 24 hours.

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Benefits of Applying for Gold Loan

So, here are some of the useful benefits and attractive features of the gold loan that you must know:

Apply Online

You can avail your gold loan online sitting at home. Just a handful of documents are required to attach with the application form. Get instant approval within 24 hours. 

Easy Repayment

Opting for gold loan online from Fintake means you can have access to various repayment options as per own convenience. Use gold loan calculator to calculate your loan amount.

Less Paperwork

There would less documents required while applying for gold loan. Check here to see the documentation process. There is no need to visit a branch or office with a bundle of documents. Just attach with the application form online. Apply now!

Low Interest Rates

Get gold loan online against gold at very less and affordable interest rates @ % p.a. Get gold loan online for up to Rs. –.

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Documents Required

If you want to apply for gold loan online, there are very few documents that are required for submission. The following documents will be needed: 

  • Signed Application form duly attached with photographs,
  • Aadhar Card/ PAN Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID Card – Anyone needed for identify verification,
  • Driving License/ Ration card/ Electricity bill/ Voter ID Card – Anyone needed for address proof,
  • Proof of land or property/ house

In many cases, you may also need to submit income proof including bank statements or salary slips. To know more, get in touch with us at — to know complete list of documents. 

Gold Eligibility Criteria

Before you consider applying for an online Gold Loan, you need to be sure whether you’re eligible for a gold loan or not. At FinTake, we are highly committed to providing hassle-free and easy eligibility criteria for all. By fully understanding your needs, our eligibility criteria as follows:


Your age must have within the range of 60 years.


Minimum Net Monthly Income: Rs 15,000

Credit Rating

Applicant should have the bank specified credit score.

Apart from the above eligibility criteria, you can also avail of your instant Gold loan at lower rates if you’ve got a good credit score. Having good credit history means that there are higher chances that your loan can be approved quickly.

FAQs on Gold Loan

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

A gold loan, i.e., a secured loan that the customers borrows from bank or any financial institution. He/she has to repay the loan to the lender on the definite period of time. Apply for gold loan online now.

With Fintake, you can apply for gold loan online. Just fill up the online application form and attach the required documents. We’ll review and get instant loan approval within few hours.

You must be an Indian resident to apply for gold loan. Your age must be at least — years or above.

To apply for gold loan online, the minimum amount is Rs.– and the maximum is Rs. —

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