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Security to your health, a medical loan at FinTake is more than just medical care. It is a special type of loan that is used for medical emergencies and needs more attention in the current society. FinTake provides unsecured medical loans, as they are not linked with any collateral.

They are used to pay for medical emergencies, large healthcare expenses, and so on. The majority of people often tend to neglect the importance of having a medical loan. This unsecured loan prevents your savings from getting disturbed. The procedure of taking a medical loan for medical and other healthcare services at FinTake is extremely easy and faster than any other form of financial institution.

By emergencies, we mean any sudden action leading to a huge amount of money consumption. Medical loans are the appropriate solution as they help to meet your urgent needs and also leave less burden.

Time is the priority at FinTake. During a medical emergency, FinTake allows customers to add funds directly to their bank accounts in the shortest time possible.

Whatever your financial or medical needs are, FINTAKE offers you the online medical loan instantly within 24 hours.

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Features And Benefits Of Medical Loan

Apart from your go-to funding option to meet your urgent financial needs, applying for instant medical loan from FinTake has several benefits, including:

Pay For Medical Needs In No Time - Instant Medical Loan

The loan-taking process at FinTake takes no time and is completely digital. While meeting with a sudden accident, one can avail of a loan by just filling out an online application and getting an urgent medical loan at the lowest interest rate.

Best Loans For Medical Expenses For Any Type Of Ailment

FinTake lenders will never ask you the reason for your instant medical loan. FinTake believes in medical emergencies and provides instant funds to bank accounts within 24 hours or less. One can use these funds for any kind of operation, surgery, treatment, dental procedures, etc.

Tenure Flexibility In Medical Loans For Emergency

FinTake allows you to repay your loans within a flexible period ranging from 12 months to 60 months, which can be extended in special cases. With this, if one wants to change the tenure, FinTake gives a minimum fee for the closure that is completely transparent, and easy to apply for. The process is completely online and the best loan method for medical treatments financing.

Collateral Free Instant Medical Loan

FinTake medical loans are approved without the need of any asset, making the process quicker and transparent between the vendor and customer.

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Eligibility Criteria

Every medical loan comes with eligibility criteria that one needs to follow in order to continue with the instant loan applications.


If a salaried person, age must be between 21 to 58 years,


Must earn a minimum salary amount that varies from city to city.


One must be a citizen of India, Must have a good credit score of — & above, One should have at least one year of working experience or more.

Apart from the above eligibility criteria, you can also avail of your instant medical loan at lower rates if you’ve got a good credit score. Having good credit history means that there are higher chances that your loan can be approved quickly.

Medical Loan Interest Rates

 Just like every other loan, a medical loan comes with a minimum rate of interest @ % p.a. That is needed to be charged every year along with the repayment of the loan. FinTake allows you to select your tenure, and give access to the best and minimal rate of interest on medical treatment financing.

When you are applying for a loan at FinTake, you no longer need to worry about hidden charges as the low-interest medical loan process is completely transparent. From processing fees, delayed EMI payment to foreclosure charges, each information is shared with the customer on applying for a medical loan application. This ensures smooth processing for your urgent medical loan.

How To Apply For A Medical Loan?

FinTake is the one-stop solution for all your loan issues. Applying for a medical loan at FinTake is completely digital, can be accessed anywhere, and is the most secure form of money borrowing. While applying for a medical loan, one must make sure to go through the eligibility criteria and follow all the guidelines.

At FinTake, the medical loan process starts by filling out an online application form, selecting your loan tenure, followed by attaching minimal and important documents. Once your application is submitted FinTake will assign you a representation who will guide you in the entire medical loan process. All you have to do now is wait for the confirmation from the bank, and once confirmed the selected amount will be transferred directly to your bank accounts within 24 hours.

FAQs On Medical Loan

If you have a question that deals with clients, customers or the public in general, there is bound to be a need for the FAQ page.

A sum amount of money borrowed from the bank or any other financial institution for a medical emergency is termed a medical loan. FinTake provides instant medical loans in a completely digital format.

– Undisturbed savings

– Get funds within 24 hours

– Meet emergency needs

– Lower interest rates

– Easy installments

Fill out the online application after going through the eligibility criteria

  • Select the loan tenure
  • Attach documents
  • Get in touch with our representative
  • Connect to a bank or any other financial institution
  • Once your loan application gets reviewed by the bank, your funds will be credited within 24 hours.

FinTake medical loans are unsecured, meaning you don’t have to mortgage any form of asset, making the process simpler and hassle-free.

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